'Castle': Rick Comes Up With Long-Distance Relationship Solution, But Is It Too Late? (VIDEO)

Rick came up with a plan that would have helped make his long-distance relationship with Beckett work on “Castle.” He found an apartment in Washington, D.C. and would split his time between there and New York City. It was a great plan, until something out of his control changed everything.

McCord confronted Beckett. “They knew it was you that tipped off the press,” she told her. “A part of me really admires you for the choice that you made, maybe because I’d like to think there was a time I would’ve done it. But the people we answer to feel that way.”

And so, because of her clear sense of justice — which doesn’t work as well in the political landscape of D.C. — Beckett was abruptly fired. She did it to protect an innocent woman from being pressured into spying for the CIA, but that sort of thing is rather frowned upon in the nation’s capitol.

This surprising development left Buddy TV’s Morgan Glennon with plenty of questions. “Thankfully, moving Beckett back to New York at least makes sense from a character perspective,” she wrote. “It’ll be interesting to see what happens with Beckett now that she’s unemployed. Will she be able to immediately resume her job in New York and rescue her desk from the disgustingly messy Sully? Or will the road back be more complicated?”

TVLine’s Matt Webb Mitovich figured this was inevitable. “It ended for the most noble of reasons, Kate wanting justice in all its forms, not only for the guilty but the innocent, too,” he wrote. “(Did Kate subconsciously clumsily tattle to the press on purpose? … It’ll be interesting, though, to see how she lives with this ‘failure,’ if she even deems it such.)”

Find out Beckett’s next move as “Castle” continues on Mondays at 10 p.m. ET on ABC.

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