Carolyn Anderson, Pamela Anderson Lookalike, Spends Thousands To Look Like 'Baywatch' Star (PHOTOS)

Now she just needs someone to give her hepatitis C.

Carolyn Anderson, 28, of Liverpool, England has spent the equivalent of about $31,000 on surgery and other procedures to look like Playboy playmate and Baywatch star, Pamela Anderson, according to the Liverpool Echo.

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“When I started modeling, I needed an angle to make me stand out from everyone else,” Anderson said. “If I do something, I want to be the best at it, so because I had always been told I looked like Pamela Anderson I decided I should be her. I already had the hair, I’ve been dyeing mine since I was 12, and I’ve naturally got full lips so I just worked on the rest.”

The “rest”, according to the Daily Mail, includes “Botox, lip fillers, teeth whitening and false eyelashes.” Anderson also injects herself with Melanotan II, which the Mail describes as an unregulated tanning drug.

The British model also had to undergo several follow-up surgeries when her breast implants burst.

Anderson’s site describes her as a “blonde with an edge” known for her “alternative glamour work.”

From the site’s “About Us” section:

Lets give the Northwest something to be proud of! A model and tv personality with a unique and quirky outlook and one that will leave an impression on audiences in a positive way.

Hopefully the gallery above will affect HuffPost readers in a positive way.

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