Britney Spears Responds To Vegas Lip-Syncing Rumors: 'I'm Definitely Going To Be Singing Live'

Britney Spears not only plans to sing live during her upcoming Las Vegas residency, but she also promises she “always” does so.

Spears called into Chicago’s 103.5 KISS FM on Friday for a quick-hit interview in which she discussed her Vegas stint, which was called into question a few weeks ago when reports indicated the 32-year-old singer was already planning to lip-sync during the shows.

“I’m definitely going to be singing live,” Spears said. “I always sing live. It doesn’t sound so great all the time, but I do my best.”

The initial report regarding Spears’ supposed Vegas lip-syncing, first published by the New York Daily News, had some labeling it erroneous almost immediately. Either way, Spears’ alleged onstage lip-syncing has been a hot topic throughout much of her career.

“Britney does not sing,” a source reportedly told the newspaper. “She is being paid a lot of money to lip-sync. Her fans are none the wiser. … She hasn’t sung live for a couple of years.”

Spears’ manager, Larry Rudolph, expressed the same to Billboard shortly after the rumors swirled. Rudolph said Spears will sing live but explained that most artists use a vocal backing track during performances. “She does choreography and vocal coaching every day,” he said.

Still, Spears made it clear it’ll take a tremendous amount of preparation to pull off the 90-minute “Piece of Me” Vegas shows, which open Dec. 27. She said she’ll spend three to four weeks rehearsing at home and the same amount rehearsing in Vegas — hopefully ample time to perfect the “water, snow and rain” that will be used during performances.

During the interview, Spears also discussed recent reports saying she felt her sexuality had been pushed too far in the recent stages of her career. Specifically referencing the “Work Bitch” video, Spears said there was only one particularly “risque shot” that prompted her to tame the video.

Head over to 103.5 KISS FM to listen to Spears’ full interview.

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