BRAND NEW!!! 2012 VW Golf R AWD TURBO at Trend Motors Volkswagen in Rockaway, NJ

It has arrived!! The highly anticipated follow-up to the 2008 R32, the 2012 Golf R delivers on all levels with a reduction in cylinders and an additional ped…

What do you think?

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  1. been driving manuals for the past 12 years, since i got my driving licence! now excuse me while i eat the sandwich your wife made me with one hand and driving with the other. cheers

  2. faster shift, better fuel economy, wins races ; what’s the point ? where is the driver involvement ? where is your participation in the whole process ? Its like saying – to eat faster pulversive the food in a processor and pump it down your throat via a tube..its faster but wheres the fun? Have you heard of downshift rev match ? Do u know how a light weight flywheel feels like ? I’m sure u have no clue how to drive a manual properly and work a clutch,grow up son learn to drive like a real man

  3. You may not want to buy any cars from Volkswagen with a manual transmission though. The cars suffer from what is called REV HANG. If you do a quick google search for VW rev hang you will see.

    The rev hang makes it impossible drive correctly. I myself find the car dangerous to drive so my brand new 2013 CC is sitting in my garage. My 2013 VW CC R-Line is the worst car I have ever owned!

  4. Hey a salesman that knows what he’s talking about! I would buy a car from you if I lived in Jersey.

  5. That was quick! I hope it treated you well. Bring that TT by when you get it if you want.



  6. That’s funny…I’ve never been critiqued for “exhaust” Coffee, yes, exhaust, never. Haha!

  7. This is on my list next year in rising blue. Its between a used 2012 or a new 2013 Focus ST now.

  8. with all the “R” badges, that makes some people excited, it is still a golf!
    I have the 2010 golf 2,5 full options car, and I think it is an already too expensive car, The R is an addition $16,000, and is it really worth it guys?
    you can get a much better car with better handling and power for the same price!
    what do u think?

  9. Старая Эрка!!
    Нет ходовых огней дневного света.
    А они, с 2011 года, идут с этой оптикой, которую ставят при заказе адаптивного би-ксенона.
    Да и сзади обычные фонари, а не диодные.

  10. Yeah, the engine on the R develops more power but honestly…it is not all so different, you get a better bang for the buck with the GTI..but yes, aesthetic wise they are, and thank you for this informative video. Hopefully the MK7 model brings back the VR6 with the supercharger that is forecasted in VW Vortex.

  11. The motor is different from the TSI that’s in the MK6 GTI. Obviously, the bumpers and skirts are unique, paired with the center exit exhaust. The gauges are unique, as is interior trim. Larger brakes and unique wheels. And that’s about it. I agree with your engine choice, btw.


  12. let’s put aside the 4Motion. What is different from the GTI? The interior is similar. What else? The R32 models are on a whole new level, its on its own league, that’s what gives you that push to buy it, VR6, AWD and truly 1/5000. If you want a manual why not the MK4? Yes, the new R can achieve 300+hp with a chip, but by this time many MK4 and MK5 owners have turbo, and will be faster than a four banger. IMO It should of came with 5cyl turbo from the Audi RS3. I’m disappointed :[ – .:R32 owner

  13. If you can’t operate your own seats and flip the lever on your rear view, then maybe you should consider another car.

  14. Who cares, it have a Dynaudio sound system, GPS, heating seats, sunroof, xenon headlamps with AFS, sirius satellite radio, etc.

  15. It’s ok. I consider the R32 a separate model from the standard Golf and GTIs. Same thing for the Golf R. But when I know where I’m coming from and what I’m talking about, I get a bit defensive when someone tries to correct me. Have a good weekend.


  16. Im not trying to show you out bro, just i thought 4motion was offered in the us with the mk4, because you said this is the first golf offered in the us with 4wd, my bad

  17. I am aware of the offerings for the European market. I’m not even sure where you’re calling me out. Can you point me in the correct direction so I can defend myself properly? Bro.

  18. Im just saying bro, you said the golf was not offered with 4wd until now, but even the mk4 r32 had 4motion over 10 years ago, and in europe 4wd has been available on golfs since the 80’s, google golf mk2 rallye. Yes you are right no golf gti has ever been offered with 4wd, but even this golf is not a gti, it is an R, which is the successor to the r32. So i dont get your point, your wrong both ways lol if your an enthusiast you should know bro

  19. What is your point? I know what I’m talking about when it comes to VWs. I’m an enthusiast through and through.

  20. This car is being sold in the US, which was never offered any 4MOTION or Synchro Golf options. I know my product history.

  21. Golf 4 was available with 4motion, both in the v6 4motion and r32, vw have made 4wd cars since the 80s, and in the golf g60 and golf rallye, do some research before you comment



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