BMW X6 [Motor Trend]

BMW X6 review by Motor Trend.

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  1. There are only two kinds of people who thinks this car is UGLY, they are SATANISTS & GAYS! Google it, lol!!!

  2. I love this car. I don’t give a damn what others say about it. The only bad thing about this car is that BMW replaced the middle of it’s back row with a console.

  3. That’s because fifth gear sucks. If you want to watch car tv show from Britain watch Top Gear (Like me).

  4. because rich cocks will always say otherwise..they want to be “different”
    no i dont want an X5, no i dont want a range rover, no i dont want a bmw 5 series, no i dont want a Porsche cayanne..
    I know! i want a humping dog! ta-da…
    you think it looks great probably because you never knew other cars existed..

  5. It’s ugly as hell… Thin front with fat and high back…
    It;s not comfortable,it is not more spaceous than twice smaller cars,it is just stupid!

  6. This car is the ugliest SUV …sorry guys, but there are many good-looking SUV’s around…ML, Cayenne, and even the Touareg, but this is really ugly as Hell…Cayenne tops it any time, and offers more space too(despite being smaller)!

  7. I don’t care what the people thing this fucking car is beatiful is a master piece next …..year i go buy one 

  8. i dont know why people say this car is me this is the meanest car i have seen on the road! i like muscular cars!

  9. They didn’t even take it off the road…rubbish review. To top it off the test driver is monotone and boring.

  10. i fukin ahte dat british fagget who called the x6 ugly and not that special in the top fifth gear video

  11. yeah i go to college near there, what’s unfortunate is they almost built the plant where i live in SC. We lost out to spartanburg.

    I have a ton of promotional crap, like pens, organizers and bags with x6’s on them because bmw always comes to like every event we have at school. lol.

  12. Finally a proper review, thank you. I got so pissed watching this brittish retard call the X6 “BMW hideous” in Fifth Gear review.

  13. i got the when i ot rid of my porsche cayenne S and its so fast. inline6 w/ twin turbo i love everything about it w/ 1 exception, the steering wheel doesnt lower then shoulder height but it just makes you want to use both hands while driving.. truily a amazing car!!

  14. i spent my last thanksgiving in greenville not that, thats important but the plant is not to far away from there

  15. Lame, lame, lame! Why the hell i cant hear the engine sound ? Why the hell this guy keeps talkin 24/7? I didn`t get any good information about the car by watching this. I guess i have to test drive one in next week by my self…



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