'Big Tips Texas' Premiere: Bar Hazes New Girl By Having Her Take A Minnow Shot (VIDEO)

MTV sticks with the familiar on their latest reality ventures. “Big Tips Texas” takes place in Redneck Heaven, a bar just outside of Dallas. That means it’s virtually guaranteed to be filled with drunk people behaving badly. But in the premiere, it was all about hazing the new girls at the bar.

That meant taking a minnow shot for Macy. Amber explained, “It is any kind of shot you want, and we bring you a live minnow. Grab up the fish, drop him in the shot and you shoot it, but you don’t chew it.”

It was pretty gross, but Macy was game and downed the shot. At the New Jersey Star Ledger, Amy Kuperinsky called it the most “memorable” scene of the premiere. But The Stir’s Rebecca Stokes was freaked out by it, saying she screamed into her pillow while watching Macy take part in the “tradition.”

Perhaps not surprisingly, PETA currently has a petition up on its site to “politely urge” people to contact Redneck Heaven and ask them to stop serving that particular special.

The new series, “Big Tips Texas,” continues on Wednesdays at 10 p.m. ET on MTV.

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