Back to School Fashion Trend on a Budget! DIY Shoulder Details – How to glam up basic tops! :)

Hopefully this will inspire you or give you a couple ideas on how to spice up plain tops 🙂 If you want to see more DIY & tutorials, remember to favorite & p…

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  1. hi you can but it probably would be a better idea to make them detachable as it will be very difficult to wash.
    i would recommend using velcro strips (sew one to the top and one to the detail) that way you can remove your shoulder details. 🙂

  2. oh how cool! why didn’t i think of that:P where is your nail polish from? it’s so pretty!:D

  3. Huge and shiney decorations on the shoulders and chest can be had at Dictators’r’Us. You can also wait until Fidel stops smoking permanently, and get some from his personal reserve.

    But the thing I really want to know is: When are we going to see tits? and: Does she take in the pooper?
    And: why does she put “Fairey tale land” when it clearly should read: “former penal colony down south” or “Austrialia”.

    Nevertheless, I’d totally hit it, about as hard as TechnoViking would.

  4. Can anyone refer me to a place that sells tshirts like she is wearing? I LOVE the tshirt she has on and I have looked for one for so long and can’t find one… Thank yoU!

  5. I have got to have the t shirt you are wearing. I have looked high and low for one like you have on. May I ask where you got it from?

    Love the ideas BTW.

  6. i would love to see more of these!! especially the shoulder pads on the gray shirt you’re wearing 🙂 beautiful!

  7. This was super cute..I have been meaning to do this but Im scared to mess up.Im just going to do it!

  8. p.s if you do try this out, i would love to see pictures of what they come up with!! :):)

  9. ohh great! yes defiantly, i would say use velcro as with snaps you may need quite alot and positioning them would be awkward, as well as difficult.
    easiest would probably be velcro as it is super simple 🙂

  10. hey in the video i used a hot glue gun, but i found it still slipped, so i went for super glue & now it holds perfectly 🙂

  11. hey i would attach these by using velcro so that it is detachable. (sew a strip of velcro to the top & then one to the detail) 🙂

  12. this is a really great idea! I work with kids in the summer and im thinking of trying this with them. Do you think theres a way to make the shoulder details detachable for washing? like velcro or snaps or something? which would you suggest?

  13. @frangapani1495 heya yeah i know lol. im keeping it a bit uneven for an edgy look for a bit, so when i get tired of it, i can cut it all straight 🙂 (i get really bored with hairstyles really quick 🙁 )

  14. lol i am wearing a bra! promise, lol. that person was so random :/ p.s i followed your blog! 🙂 you guys should make more videos 🙂



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