Angel Haze Rips Washington Post's Miley Cyrus Coverage As 'Terrible Journalism' And 'Complete Idiocy'

Angel Haze is tired of being asked what she thinks about Miley Cyrus. In a series of tweets posted Friday, the rapper unloaded on those who expect her to comment on Cyrus’ provocative Video Music Awards performance and took aim at the Washington Post over a Richard Cohen column that attempted to connect Cyrus’ performance with a culture of misogyny Cohen blames for the Steubenville rape case.

“I run the risk of old-fogeyness for suggesting the girl’s a tasteless twit — especially that bit with the foam finger,” Cohen wrote. “(Look it up, if you must.) But let me also suggest that acts such as hers not only objectify women but debase them. They encourage a teenage culture that has set the women’s movement back on its heels. What is being celebrated is not sexuality but sexual exploitation, a mean casualness that deprives intimacy of all intimacy. Cyrus taught me a word. Now let me teach her one: She’s a twerk.”

The article did not go unnoticed, with writers at Wonkette, Slate and plenty of other websites blasting Cohen’s controversial argument. On Friday, Haze approached the topic with the trademark clarity that has made her one of the most promising rappers of her generation:

Haze did not comment on the complicated racial implications of Cyrus’ performance or the 20-year-old’s repeated references to drug use. Cyrus, who has been firing back at critics (including singer Skylar Grey) and generally advocating an “it’s our party we can do what we want” attitude, is sure to appreciate Haze’s tweets.

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