29.04.2011 A PINK News Episode 6 (1-3) TREND E.

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  1. They all went to the same training process.. Chorong is really goes easy on the youngest, of course the human make mistake, and Chorong is doing right, she have to be tough enough and she know what she doing….Of course i feel sad for Hayoung too…

  2. @KpopBanana chorong told her she needs to smile more bcs her face is always plain and she only smiles when her part comes

  3. sometimes i wish korea had laws like japan protecting idols that are younger than 18, because in japan when it turns 8 or 9 PM, the idols that are too young are not allowed to do schedules.

  4. yeah, and I was like who’s that next to him and giggled harder when it clicked in my head that it was sungjong; they look so much better now lol

  5. I think it’s because she had a cold and a bad throat, but she kept talking so they put tape on her mouth to stop her. 🙂

  6. They give all the people who are not A Pink and MCs nicknames and the subtitle says “Water Mun”. I assume her last name is Mun. She’s a Cube Entertainment vocal trainer. A lot of Cube’s employees are attractive. Look at Beast and 4minute managers xD haha.



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