2014 Nissan GT-R Track Pack vs 2014 Audi R8 V-10 Plus! – Head 2 Head Episode 33

On this episode of Head 2 Head, Motor Trend’s Carlos Lago pits the 2014 Nissan GT-R Track Pack against the 2014 Audi R8 V-10 Plus. Performance wise, both the…

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  1. And I even preferred the 4.2 R8 to the GT-R. The V10 Plus adds 120hp to that car and a whole lot more. I prefer cars for their complete expeirence and overall quality, not just how fast they are from 0-60.

  2. I am comparing based on personal experience and the totality of the product, not merely the facet I deem most important. The GT-R is faster (sort-of) but the R8 is the better complete product. Easy enough.

  3. No, I think its better because it is better. There is a general rule of thumb that you “get what you pay for” and that does apply, as does the properties of diminishing returns, but the better car is the better car, not because it is more expensive.

    I have driven both, just like MT, and we both agree the R8 is better. What are my actions in the forum of communication via text?

    (I am aware most of this comment is over your head for understanding)

  4. My wife thinks the GT-R is doucher and for tuner kids. She loves the R8 and even prefers the 911 to the R8. Not the Nissan. My wife is smart enough to know that the difference between an 11.0 1/4 and 11.3 is meaningless and unnoticeable to the driver.

  5. Simply put, the GT-R is faster, the R8 is better. It seems pretty simple to me. If a few tenths 0-60 (but a slower car from a roll) is important to you, then go for the GT-R. If the entirety of the car is important to you, its the R8 that wins. Which is what MT concluded here. They didn’t evaluate any single facet of the car but the entirety of the product.

  6. Correct. And it just depends on what you value.  0-60 times or the overall experience. It is easy for these children to prefer the car that is faster simply because they haven’t experienced either.

  7. So you like the GT-R because it is a better value. I would agree with that too. It is the cheap alternative.

  8. I was simply proving the point that the performance is extremely similar. So much so that you wouldn’t ‘t even be able to feel the difference. We know the GT-R is faster, but nominally is my point. Arguing a tenth here and tenth there is meaningless to actual drivers of these cars.

  9. Wow. You’re an idiot with this comment. I own a 2010 GTR and you do not. How about them apples? Lol. Drive (emphasize… JUST drive) either car all you want. You don’t own either of them. Don’t comment about what kind of person owns what – when you own neither. You have no idea you clown. Just broad speculation. Shut up and keep commenting about what you know. Not what you imagine.

  10. Hahahaha oh boy…. Ok so this is copied directly from you man; “I have driven both cars. The V8 in the R8 but an R8 and GT-R no less.” This right here is you admitting that the car you say you drove isn’t actually the car you say you drove, even though you’re saying “go drive it like me and you’ll see.” So now that you’ve admitted to that, you may as well come clean on the fact that you’re just a bullshitter and haven’t driven any of these cars. It’s all done now, you can come out. Hahaha wow.

  11. You simply compare based on price tag..
    and you have no experience so shut up..
    You never even drove one so lay off the drugs and get back to real life..

  12. of course you’re pretentious
    because you think higher price tags makes it better?
    You can say whatever nonsense when the fact is that you never even experienced driving one nor have any proof to backup your bullshit
    actions speaks louder than words…

  13. Now I’m not saying that this goes for all girls but most girls that I know don’t think the GTR is that good looking, they’d rather go with with maybe a Porsche Turbo S just because of its looks. But once they see how fast the GTR goes, they’ll start to love it.

  14. If you showed up to a girls house in a GTR she’ll probably drop her panties right then and there, so your argument is invalid. And didn’t I already state that the R8 was nicer? I just like GTR’s because they’re the ultimate car for the money. Nothing beats it. Not to mention a huge aftermarket support for them. So you can practically make a GTR nicer than just about any car you name in the same price range.

  15. This pretty much describes it.

    Nissan GTR: dick magnet

    Audi R8: chick magnet

    Now I now the GTR is faster, but the R8 is much nicer. It’s the truth man, sometimes it hurts (not trying to insult/offend).

  16. All opinions. You’re preaching to the choir here. Like I said, I love Audi and the R8. All I’m saying is that this competition seems biased. The GTR won all performance value (which isn’t what this is about? since ya know they’re performance vehicles and all…) And why wouldn’t an Audi win against a Nissan in a competition about luxury, posh & finesse? Back to what I just said, these are super/sports cars. Not luxury cars. So I think the decision was stupid. But hey, that’s my opinion.

  17. LOLZ!!! Isn’t that what the sales man at the dealer ship tells you to convince you to buy a car(especially a very expensive one). The GTR is designed to drive with proper balance/dynamics/feel/etc. too. And in ways that are widely used and talked about.

  18. That would depend on the driver. If you want to compare numbers to make yourself feel superior then feel free to check the lap times of these cars on Nurburgring, the famed course that most euro elitists only dream about driving on. Don’t be so butt hurt, that’s just not American.

  19. some like you can’t even get the whore and pretends that has a chance with the college educated supermodel

  20. Right, some like the whore (GT-R) and others like the college-educated supermodel (R8). The whore might be better in bed (at the track) but the college-educated supermodel is the one you are going to want to live with everyday (R8).

  21. The GT-R is designed to post 0-60 and 1/4 figures. The most widely used figures. The R8 is designed to drive properly with proper balance/dynamics/feel/etc. It does also perform well as result, just in ways that are more widely used, just not widely talked about.

  22. That’s really funny, when you say the GT-R is a numbers car but the R8 is a driver’s car, because for over half your comment, you were trying to prove how the R8 had better number from 30-100 lol.

  23. To each his own for the interior. I will say that the interior styling comes from the Panamera, so really, it’s no insult to either the 911 or the Boxster/Cayman. Lol, so does the 911, so why isn’t it a supercar in your book then

  24. Compare this for a moment from this test;
    0-60 Times
    – GT-R – 2.7 sec.
    – R8 – 3.2 sec.
    However, 30-100 Times;
    – GT-R – 5.9 sec.
    – R8 – 5.8 sec.

    The GT-R is 5/10 quicker to 60 but down to 3/10 by 100 and by the 1/4 mile the R8 is traveling faster…

    Simply put, the R8 is faster but the GT-R benefits off the line with more aggressive tires and launch control. Anywhere from a roll, the R8 wins. The GT-R is a numbers car, the R8 a drivers car.

  25. Some taste just ‘better’ (more refined) than others. Some people LOVE Bud Light, others prefer Stella. Some people LOVE Walmart, others prefer Target. Some people LOVE NASCAR, others prefer Lemans or F1.

  26. The differences aren’t even noticeable on anything but a stopwatch at this level. Go drive the NA V10 mid-engine luxury car and the TT V6 front-engine Nissan and your views will change. From MT/Randy Pobst on these cars;

    “The whole thing does not feel as good as the Audi. The Audi has such a feeling of fine machinery, all honed and polished.”
    “The R8 wins, not because it’s more refined and sounds and looks better, but because, simply, we all want to keep driving it.”




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