2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee EcoDiesel vs 2013 Volkswagen Touareg! – Head 2 Head Episode 30

On this episode of Head 2 Head, Motor Trend’s Jonny Lieberman pits the 2013 Volkswagen Touareg TDI against the 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee Summit 4×4 Ecodiesel….

What do you think?

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  1. Its a shame to see no low gears… but, I would like to see the two do some real off-roading; or at least a little snow lets say 3 to 4 feet. That X/ dominates the mud and snow.

  2. Go to VW America website or a dealer (my neighbor is a salesman) you will see since 2011 their is no longer an option for air suspension in north america

  3. I have a 2012 WK2 GC and it is simply the best! Done nearly 50,000 km in the 20 months I’ve had it – 20,000 of those being serious off-road KM through central Australia. Just returned from crossing the Simpson Desert in it – the world’s largest sandy desert (yes larger than the Sahara!) where the dunes are up to 13 storeys (40m) tall. 3 days travel between towns at and average speed of 30km/hr. It’s in country like that that performance and reliability count and the Jeep shines.

  4. Chrysler have made THE worst cars on the planet for the last 20 years, why on Earth would you buy ANYTHING made by that brand? Sheesh..

  5. I wish all you people whining about not fair and no air suspension would do some research or at least read all the past comments. Once again in North America we only have a basic version available, no air suspension ,locking diffs,V8 or V10,just plain basic. We can not buy the good one so the test is done with what is available to us. The test is to show that you have more options and get more for your money with the jeep in America and Canada which is where it is being tested.

  6. Pedro, the VW website shows torque at 406 ft lbs and even on the most expensive version you get the “sport suspension” no air.

  7. Either you are a moron or you were paid off. You and I know that the Touareg also has air suspension and different off road modes. You just dont want to be fair, otherwise the jeep would lose! Plus, the Touareg has 550 of torque versus the 420 of the jeep, so dont be a liar man!! If you are going to compare the cherokee with all of the extras, do so with the Touareg too!

  8. One problem with your comment, in North America the options that you stated are not available so the Touareg was tested only as available where it was tested.

  9. For sure Jeep is a good SUV, but let’s be honest. This video is not actually head2head comparison….they are not comparing apples with apples. For the Jeep lovers: you can find things like air suspension, low gear and even rear locking differential on a VW Touareg, and let’s not mention about 360grd video feed. So get one like this on the show, and let see if Jeep can still match up 🙂

  10. I’m glad to see the comparison between these two cars, but this guy is not a good presenter. Every point he makes contradicts something he said before, and he is hung up on using the same catch phrases over and over.

  11. You can find videos about this issue in youtube introducing tags: misterious whistle nois jeep grand cherokee 2014

  12. WARNING!

    This new GRand CHerokee 2014, makes an horrible whistle noise when decelerate at 30 / 60 mph. Inadmissible in a 60.000$ car. Take notice and see more at the foro Jeepgarage.

  13. The A630 DOHC engine is based on previous engines developed by VM Motori before GM bought 50% of the company. The engine was designed and is solely built in Italy by Italians.

  14. The VW won’t tip over when you try to avoid something. Check out Jeep Grand Cherokee moose test. To think I was actually thinking of buying an SRT HA!

  15. I didn’t like the exterior on the new Jeep not a bit, that change completely when I drove, it feels refined, luxurious and the handling it’s really light. Just forget all previous experiences with luxurious jeeps and drive it

  16. It has been said many times, the comparision is of options that are available here in north america where the test occurred.There is no option for offroad, center diff’s, V10 or V8.Over here basic is all you get so that’s why that comparision.

  17. you are wrong!! on this video you’re comparing a touareg offroad-READY model.. so pls. compare the jeep with the fully offroad model, with the 4XMOTION and not with the basic! maybe the jeep is a good car, but you cannot compare with a VW TOUAREG 4xmotion with centre differential, etc.. (for ex. the highline model’s, the old v10 tdi, or the new v8 tdi engines are eating the jeep!

    for more info, google it, or check the volkswagen website.

  18. you are completely wrong. The 3.0L V6 ecodiesel is fully engineered and built by Fiat in Italy. There is nothing American in that engine

  19. have you ever owned one? I owned both a Touareg and (including my family) 3 Grand Cherooke. Whilst VW is a reliable and good car, it is completely useless offroad. You can use the Touareg for your sunday shopping, for the rest, it is completelly uselless and overpriced.

  20. You are wrong, the motor is Italian. Get used to it, motors come from all over the world these days. The Colorado here in Aus is powered by a 2.8 4cyl diesel from VM Motori as well. Holden in Melbourne make a ton of V6’s that power Chevs, Saabs, Alfa`s and Fiats the world over.

  21. I’m not talking about trucks fool. Is this video about a Kenworth or Mack? Euros are masters at small diesel engines. What do you think powers the Le Mans winners each year. As for petrol v6’s, most of those that are in Chevs are built in Melbourne Australia by Holden. They are also in Fiats, Alfa`s, Saabs to name a few.
    As for trucks, we have the biggest. Ever hear of Road Trains?

  22. Strongly agree with you! This video is totally an American style joke. Cowboy doesn’t know how to design cars. But they never admit that. This is why nowadays you can still see gas engined Hummer H2 running in the street. Such clumsy elephant shouldn’t even exit.

  23. jeep. it’s less money to run , i a long term in USA. ( in europe , vw is less money to run) All the Euro boys, you can take your vw back . We don’t wan’t it.

  24. do you call that off road? With a suzuki sx4 or a Dacia Duster i can do the same shit. VW Touareg cant do off road….maybe Grand Cherokee but again when i see how that jeep perform the moose test i wouldnt buy one…so in the end if you want to really make some off road with youre car buy a Mitsubishi Pajero, Toyota Land Cruiser or if you really want a jeep check the wrangler rubicon unlimited. So this cars cost a lot and you cant do any offroad. this is my opinion



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