2013 Ford Shelby GT500 Chases 200 MPH! – Ignition Episode 18

On this episode of Ignition, Carlos Lago tests the most powerful production car made in America – the new 2013 Ford Shelby GT500. After running the GT500 thr…

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  2. Don’t worry about our Auto industry It’s going fine. We Import cars from all over the world because we have the choice and we don’t choose many American cars because they are pretty but impractical and overpriced.

  3. All those steroids have gone to your head. You obviously don’t know much about SCCA. Many, if not most cars are at or near bone stock.

  4. Too bad they don’t have many decent cars (or jobs) in NZ. BTW you don’t really know much of anything do you? All cars get imported, because you guys don’t make or design much of anything there. Too bad, I feel sorry for you.

  5. Why is it, people can’t mention which car or cars they own, without some twats having to put it down? Too many envious lazy tools on youtube.
    Be happy for what you got, and what others have. Work hard at it, and you might be there yourself one day. Man, I hate to see this crap, over and over and over and…….

  6. Im sorry pal but 4000 pounds heavy SUV look like car cant dominate shit. The one dedicated to SCCA is completely different animal.

  7. That’s extravagant. Good thing you don’t own shit apart from your Mazda 121. Ive got a 95′ Nissan Cefiro now tell me what you really drive. BTW Aerospace engineer is not your real job.

  8. Sorry to burst your bubble. I did once own a ’94 B3000 Mazda pickup years ago, but my daily driver now is an ’04 Ranger. I do, however, own 15 cars and trucks, two trailers (for towing racers to the track), including an F350, and an E150 van with sleeping accommodations. I am an aerospace engineer by the way, but nice try though.

  9. Good old Motor Trend. Consistently underachieving. I have seen a couple of these in stock form run in the mid 190’s in a standing one Mile (Nebraska) ONE MILE, not the “chrysler 5 mile test track”. Not sure, but It sounded like another 1/2 mile would get you well over 200. At that speed it could be such otherwise mundane issues as the tread pattern. There are too many of these out there that are exceeding the number easily.

  10. Yes sir it was the 2013 gt500. I’m not saying it was a bad car but like my 335i not being for you, the gt500 was not for me. I just think for 66s h.p. for should have upgraded certain things more. There’s a reason why the pro drivers who test drive it complain in the handling and baking department. And congrats on the supersnake dude. Is it night and day from the gt500?

  11. And if you had driven a 2013/’14 GT500, the salesman would never have allowed you to wring one out enough to discover any potential weakness in it’s brakes, anyway. A lady pulled out in front of me from a side street and I hit the brakes hard, and if it hadn’t been for the seat belt, I would have gone right through the windshield. Enjoy your 335i, it’s a great car, also, just not for me.

  12. Elevation does matter. I occasionally race Pikes’ Peak, and I get 15 psi boost on the gauge at sea level and at 14,000 ft., it will barely make 6 psi boost. Besides the ZR1 costs twice as much, and is not even eligible for a class at SCCA. Different classes are apples and oranges, anyway.



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