2013 Audi S4 AWD vs 2013 Volvo S60 T6 AWD R-Design! – Head 2 Head Ep. 34

On this episode of Head 2 Head, Motor Trend’s Jonny Lieberman pits the 2013 Volvo S60 T6 AWD R-Design against returning contender, the 2013 Audi S4. Before h…

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  1. The R-tronic/S-tronic models has never had an H-shifter, only the 6-speed manual model does. What it does have is a sequential-style gear knob- knock it over to the left for auto, then push it up/down to go through the gears manually.

    The hold both paddles thing puts Maseratis with the Duoselect gearbox into neutral, it does nothing on the R8.

  2. Dual-plate or not, it’s still a single clutch transmission. It operates and feels very different from a dual clutch, which literally has two clutches.

    The R8 has always been offered worldwide with both a 6-speed manual option and an automated manual option (R-tronic for the earlier models, S-tronic for the updated model). R-tronic was heavily criticized for its rough driving feel and lack of refinement in the city, hence the change.

  3. Yeah, well, we were both right AND wrong 🙂

    R-tronic, from Audi:
    “The technology behind it: the gearing of the mechanical 6-speed manual gearbox with dry double-plate clutch”

    Yes, it was a single clutch, but a dual-plate one. We’ll call it a draw? 😛

  4. The R8 has always been offered (here at least) with only one transmission which originally was the R-tronic and now apparently S-tronic. And at least the older (to -2012) models did have a H-shifter, paddles and a fully automatic mode (by pressing both paddles at the same time for 6 seconds).

    I’m not 100% sure, but I seem to remember the R-tronic being a dual-clutch, but you say it was single? I’ll have to go and read on that. I could’ve sworn, but this is NOT the first time I’ve been wrong 😀

  5. Ah, I should have clarified: I’m from Europe, so we have a slightly different selection of engines/transmissions and perhaps more. The A4 has been available with S-tronic from at least the 2010-model.

    I admit I didn’t know that they changed the R8 from R- to S-tronic, seems a bit weird as they marketed the R-tronic as a be-all end-all of transmission technologies. 🙂

    And as far as I know, there has never been a “truly” manual (meaning no paddles and/or no automation at all) version of the R8.

  6. If you’re going to nitpick, at least do some research first?

    The A4 has a conventional (i.e. with a torque converter) Tiptronic auto. The S4 and RS4 both have an available S-tronic dual clutch automated manual transmission.

    The 2008-2012 R8s have the R-tronic gearbox, which is a SINGLE clutch automated manual transmission. The only way you’ll get to ‘row your own’ is in a 6-speed manual R8.

    The 2013~ R8s on the other hand have an S-tronic dual-clutch, very similar to that in the S4/RS4/etc.

  7. I know I’m nitpicking here, but the transmission in A/S/RS4 isn’t even called the same as in the R8.. nor is it the same anyways. The 4-models have, as you said, the S-Tronic automatic gearbox. The R8, however, does NOT. The system in the R8 is called the R-Tronic and is (if not entirely, then at least quite a lot) different, being basically an automated manual dual-clutch (vs. “traditional” automatic box). The R8 actually has a H-shifter (even though you CAN use it fully automatic, or paddles).

  8. Audi all the way fuck Volvo and fuck Saab, eehhh oh yea Saab went bankrupt thank god lets hope the same faith waits for volvo !!!

  9. Да не слушайте вы этого бородатого уебана, который даже на бритву себе не может заработать…. никакая, при всем уважении, AUDI даже рядом с POLESTAR не может стоять. Рекламные понты. С его ебалом только электричку рулить. Гандон!

  10. I have a new S60 R-Design and love it, but I can tell you that an S4 is faster. I’m not sure the S4 fully loaded is worth another $10k-$15k more than a loaded R-Design. I have had my car for a year and have only seen maybe 10 other R-Designs, on the other hand, I have seen thousands of A4’s and S4’s. My R-Design handles very well, the AWD is awesome, I love hearing the turbo blow-off valve, and I love smoking 328xi’s, A4’s, G37’s, Dodge R/T’s, etc. The new R-Designs are beasts!!!

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  12. Jonny, very entertaining. I wish I could come up with all the witty barbs and kudos that you do. But you forgot one of the best things about the Volvo. Exclusivity. Audis bore with their ubiquity. The S60 is a great car no one else has. And it’s Swedish. What a great country.

  13. I know right? You can just tell not what he’s saying but what he “emotes” that he’s SERIOUS about what he’s trying to say. lol. And then it’s fun just to watch em geek out on shit. Dude’s hilarious. Way better than the old MT crew who just lied through their teeth about EVERYTHING!!

  14. What this guy didn’t tell you is that Volvo have had their engines mounted transversely since the 90’s. Why? Because it gives you bigger crumple zones (i e increased safety). It’s kind of what the brand is known for, so it doesn’t make any sense changing that for just *one* model. It might change in the future though, because Volvo’s new engine lineup are much smaller and efficient.

  15. S60 T6 AWD R-Design is the fastest s60 that you can buy, the polestar is just 2-3x the price of the audi. gg volvo fails at sports cars

  16. Sportauto magazine, september 2013. Volvo S60 Polestar beats Audi S4 in Sport Auto test at Hockenheim. “Even on a wet track when the grip is noticeably lower, the Volvo is about a second faster than the Audi.” That is how the Volvo would eat it alive.

  17. Volvo S60 Polestar beats Audi S4 in Sport Auto test at Hockenheim. “Even on a wet track when the grip is noticeably lower, the Volvo is about a second faster than the Audi.” Sportauto magazine, september 2013.

  18. I love how you wanted the Volvo to win so badly, but you couldn’t deny the awesomeness of The Mighty S4.

  19. thats why chris harris owns an s4 right? chris harris is famous for being brutal on audi reviews. The truth is that this car suffers from body roll, that is because it is too high and the stock suspension is too soft, i say this based on what all of the people tracking this car experience. s5 handles body roll better because it is lower and wider. AWD is the cause of understeer and the r8 understeers at the limit…unless you hit the gas, then like all torque vector audis- will rotate to overste

  20. Sorry, of course I meant under steer. The R8 is mid-engine and has no such problems. But the rest have inherently under steer due to the location of the engine and AWD. It’s one thing to build in a slight under steer to make the car more secure for the drivers so they knows where the limit is but Audi under steer is of the scale, especially for a car with sporty ambitions.

    It has been getting better the last years but as Chris Harris said “Audi introduced under steer to the masses”.

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