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You know those people who are obsessed with makeup/cosmetics, they call themselves a makeup artist and give beauty tips? Well, I’m not one of those makeup school grads, I’m just a guy who loves…



Naomi Donders says:

“Oh mygod, i love your makeup!”
“OMG Thanks, i was going for satan!” 

Chloe Melo says:

All this bitching in the comments annoys me, like if you don’t like it
don’t watch it, its come to a point where onision has put a warning in his
videos for butthurt people who cant find the close tab button.

Danielle Mitchell says:

Gigi Gorgeous!
She is a youtube who used to be a male and now she slays as a woman. 

Punkluv Heart says:

it’s rude to refer to trans girls as men because they were always girls.
you’d be better off saying “that’s a male” using sex instead of gender !! 

tammy nguyen says:

3:20 that’s a YouTubers Gigi gorgeous yes SHE was a man can you watch some
of her videos and then say something about her thanks 

Ren says:

Fake is for insecure individuals who feel like the only way to be confident
or sexy is to hide how they really look. Covering imperfections will only
help you short term.. it’s like the youtube beauty gurus that complain of
acne, so they cover it up with makeup just to break their face out more.
Ridiculous, learn to love yourself and your skin.

Emily Armato says:

Marilyn Manson is a sexy mofo. I agree :3

Max W says:

I think makeup should be banned because it deceives men into thinking women
are hotter then they really are.

Mikey Derek says:

WARNING: the comments below are mostly just bitching 🙂 

Le Fan says:

Don’t insult Adora Batbrat! XD

Valeria Soto says:

Marilyn Manson looks better than girls who dont know how to wear make-up…
In my opinion. Dont get mad at me plz.

Drew Grow says:

Less is more

Anna Steffens says:

I’m starting to think that women are now blaming society for ideas that
they have created themselves.
Like seeing a skinny girl with a “thigh gap” on TV, and saying, “TV shows
like this are the reason I am so sad about my body.”
“I’m anorexic because society told me that’s beautiful.” Bitch, if you are
going to stop eating, at least own up to the fact that its your fault and
not someone elses.

Caitlin Marie Bliss says:

To the whiners: get over it. Makeup can be used in many ways whether it’s
to accent your features, try funky designs for art purposes, or even simply
because you like it. But don’t get offended when someone calls you out for
wearing makeup. These fails are hilarious 

eggsBenedict says:

( 1:23 )

I thought she was prettier before all the makeup

I want her freckles really badly wow

Eden Kyzer says:

I don’t do the whole make up thing.

1. I dont make time for it.
2. I dont like the way it feels on my face.
3. I dont feel pretty with it on or off anyway.
4. I feel like I might poke my eyes out with a masscara brush.
5. I dont have a fifth reason I just like the number 5. 

Taigai Aisaka says:

I love onision because he says funny stuff like, “EAT SOME FUCKING *FOOD*”
and I’m like okay! *eats huge chocolate cake*
Onision: okay, now your just fat
Me: (;-;)
Onision: joking, you just keep being you
Me: (*O*)

L3140M4R says:

I guess by now everyone know who’s the blonde chick that +Onision aka +
UhOhBro wondered whether she’s a man or not. She is… +Gigi Gorgeous the 1
and only and she is awesome ➕ pretty ➕ beautiful ➕ intelectual TS ever made
in YouTube since her beginning… from newbies to hotties blondebombshell

that one popsicle says:

No that’s. Gregory gorgeous

Rosie Lancaster says:

You put Gigi in I love her 🙂 

Foxy Roxy says:

When he asked if that’s a guy that Gigi gorgeous and she’s a transgender 

Анастасия Цыганок says:

я поняла кого он мне напоминает: это смесь андре тана и мумия тролля )

juud dirkjes says:

Hm.. kinda hard to focus on the positive when there is only negative,
that’s right, yōkoso in the real world..

LeAnn Haddad says:

What is the song he uses at the end?

Sabrina Goldbaum says:


DaiXi Mindyuk says:

the one you sang the improptu it’s a man song about is actually a youtuber.
And she is awesome.

Cat Sixx says:

In this video you look like Ryan Seaman.

Honora Whitmore says:

The man used to be a man but now she is transgender and her name is GG good

Alison Irwin says:

I put a lot of makeup on my face and so did my sister and my cousin and we
ended up as a cookie with glasses, a tree, and some flowers…. Help

Raisha Parvin says:

I love your laugh! > < u

Dalton Phillips says:

Do a Justin bieber challenge 

Kota Drowned says:

Im in the 1% girls on facebook then

mariah smith says:

You look like Shane dalson with black long hair

nokia6630videos says:

Lol his hair was a tragedy, good thing he took that rat nest off his head.

The Lost Soul says:

2:01 SO TRUE

Paige Cabrera says:

YAS, Sexy Mofo 🙂 *Fifth Element For Life*

Ester03 says:

The man was jeffreestar.

Maura La Prova says:

Makeup is supposed to be fun and it makes people feel good about
themselves. It is also a creative outlet and is not doing any harm to

The whole “Is this a man?” thing I thought was really rude. The person you
are referring to is Gigi Gorgeous. She is a very positive role model to
other people who were unfortunate enough to be born with a female identity,
but then have a male’s body. She did everything she could to become her
authentic self and encourages others to do the same. This is a hard thing
to do when so many people out there are judgemental and cruel.

Gigi is an amazing woman. This is why when you poke fun at her like that,
I find it offensive.

amaya v says:


Beth Murray says:

Ues it is a man his youtuber name is Gigi Gourgous 

Miss Spaz says:

Guys don’t have a right to comment on any girl’s makeup. At all. Even if
they’ve drawn a unibrow on themselves. NEWSFLASH: MAKEUP ISN’T EASY. Most
girls fuck up until they learn how to apply it properly for their own
facial features. And making fun of alternative/goth makeup? Yeah, these
girls are aware that they have strange makeup- THAT’S THE POINT. I’m both a
makeup artist, and a goth girl. You know who ESPECIALLY shouldn’t be
commenting on girl’s makeup? Douche bags named Onision, who have horrible
hair and a disgusting personality.

Caroline jensen says:

You should do a Q & A!!!

Ticci Toby says:

3:15 Gigi Gorgeous!!!

Maria Rivera says:

Your amazing
You always make me laugh when I’m sad. Stay amazing☺️

CrazyLife says:

That’s was Gigi Gorgeous at the end until she transgendered 

Jackslove says:

His laugh sounds really fake

Cadence Kdance says:

Lol Weshley Snipes XD

PrincessOf PowerMoves says:


Sonja Grear says:

Love him

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