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Japan’s Hottest New Sex Trend: NOT HAVING SEX!

Japan’s Hottest New Sex Trend: NOT HAVING SEX!

Young people in Japan are not having sex. So why not? And what does this mean for the country? Find out1 Tweet: What do you thi…

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lastThoughtz24 says:

Powered toast man???
OMFG. Epic shirt John

lastThoughtz24 says:

The economic burden of having a child in developed countries is extremely high but so certain niches or microcosms of many developed countries birthrates are low. Unlike underdeveloped of emerging economies birthrates which are pretty high.

TheZaratazarata says:

Ana is not replaceable

Hank S says:

Um no. Massive stock piles of nukes, religious fanaticism, regional instability, overpopulation and climate change are the real threats to human survival.

torso99 says:

internett and gender equal need to die

:p says:

this is better than mass suicide. good going Japanese 😀

2Tudew says:

umm delicious bacon

RedxLilxSleepy says:

replace ana with this girl

caca075 says:

Sexual revolution, women liberation, meltdown of the family structure… those are the real threats to the Human race.

lm0drevil says:

well here they are talking about essentially almost half of the population not having sex for japan, that would practically be like dropping a nuke on the population.

beauregarde12 says:

because fucking as many people as possible in a week, with condoms, for fun is essential to humanity?
or because there are not enough humans on the planet?

lm0drevil says:

Not a good thing.

beauregarde12 says:

great. there are people on this planet that are not completley obsessed with sex and dating

Fay Bee says:

So basically, our functionality as… living things – born do stuff have sex have babies die, is slowly decreasing because of money?

frogg626 says:

I lived in Japan for 18 months.
My relationships consisted of us meeting once a week, if that.

ParadoxTECHH says:

That’s also Japan.

hyhhy says:

Yet “how the Japanese view things like sexuality and marriage” did not prevent them from having sex and children in the past. So it would seem that that’s nowhere near the only factor causing it.

hyhhy says:

The percentage of them cited in the video is way too high to be natural, inborn asexuality (as far as any such sexuality is inborn). It’s definitely caused by the environment. If one takes the premise that it’s a problem, then one would ask next WHY they don’t want sex.

hyhhy says:

Well, if nothing else, natural selection will fix it eventually (just a few generations, actually, at this rate), removing from the gene pool the personalities who don’t want to reproduce in the current environment! ^_^

Pea Nut Butter says:

Not to sound like a dick or something but isn’t Japan overpopulated? So isn’t this a good thing? And just cause most of the Japanese prefer to work on their career rather than their sex life good? I mean this world can use a lot more morality and sensibility in my opinion … Just saying….

David Smith says:

Not worth bro. Fembots coming soon.

あゆみ クール says:

I am Japanese. I never knew this was true until maybe a year ago when people here were talking about launching campaign to encourage relations between opposite sex. I don’t know who isn’t having sex, I have a boyfriend, but I guess it is a big problem with the public as a whole. I assume people are not having sex because our culture is prude and censoring. It is so prude that it influences a whole side culture of perverted “art” for people to enjoy in privacy. Plus we are too much of shy public.

Mtaalas says:

I warmly recommend Wikipedia as a starting point of your research. There’s a lot of sources in the articles considering Japan. And even Kotaku could be one very good source, tough it might have some articles that will disturb someone not interested in _all_ the weird culture Japan has to offer.

One Lone Texan says:

I get that. Bear with me. I don’t know very much about Japan and that’s why I’m asking. Just because you said it’s the fault of the labor market and the structure of Japan’s economy doesn’t mean that I understood that already. I can understand the tip of the iceberg but I want to dig deeper. If you have sites that you can refer me to understand how Japan’s economy is structured, how the labor market causes these woes, I can more than readily understand your statement.

Bille Ssen says:

Nope they’re population is rapidly aging.

R Yokoe says:

It’s primarily the fault of the labour market and the structures of the economy, as I said in the previous post…

asfdafasdfwfrg says:

in japanese, porn no girl says “fuck me in ass”.
i dont know if this is rapee or not, but i dont want to fuck anyone in ass hole…
its not a japanese mens fantasy, i guess.
i dont know what is western mens fantasy, but i can tell, these two are very different.

atmark666 says:

do you know “per capita” means??????? 

atmark666 says:

do you speak Japanese?

deeaveragestan says:

That’s Japan…. Japan is actually more populated than china per capita wise, get your fact right

mavishill says:

Issue is not so much of overpopulation, that’s more about small land mass to begin with. but the issue here is decline in sex is causing less birth, hence fewer young generation and more older people. Older people become more of a liability in terms of old age care and not contributing to economy. Hence need robots. To balance out old, you need young people in work force, and go out and spend money, etc. flow money. It changes a country a lot when a country is falling short of young and skilled.

YuukitheMighty1 says:

There’s only so much space in Japan x shrugs x

madass21 says:

News flash – You can get laid without a fucking relationship.

One Lone Texan says:

How does having a marriage, or a relationship, effect a psychologically difficult lifestyle on most Japanese, most especially those who are involved?

One Lone Texan says:

Why is that? State control through marriage? Is that why the girls wanted to have babies but not get married? What about having casual sex?

bkatzy says:

BUT it would work for America, because America has a very high immigration rate when compared to Japan, I was watching a documentary called ‘No Sex Please, We’re Japanese’ and it said that 1/8 people in UK are immigrants (US can’t be that far behind) but 1/60 in Japan, so whilst Japan has a 96% Jap population, The US could become the land of many peoples as the forefathers wanted, but in Japan, the government is very reluctant to let others in as its culture is so eccentric and hard to adapt to.

Ray7430 says:

13 upvotes? How the fuck…

Alice Kaninchenbau says:

If there’s people who despise sex… chances are that they’re sex repulsed asexuals. So, just leave them alone. Stop fussing about other people’s sex lives. (Sure I get it, it’s alarming that there aren’t enough kids in Japan so in the future they’re going to get a bit screwed because there aren’t enough enough people to look after the older people, but still)

He Bo says:

At least you got the joke.

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