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Introducing Spot

Introducing Spot

Spot is a four-legged robot designed for indoor and outdoor operation. It is electrically powered and hydraulically actuated. Spot has a sensor head that helps it navigate and negotiate rough…



Brad Chacos says:

This is how the world ends. Not with a bang, but with a walking robot dog
that scrambles back to its feet after you kick it. 

Mythical Fair says:

I am sure kicking the robot dog will have no repercussions down the line
when AI is finally invented and it discovers YouTube.

Kaysha says:

It is amazing and scary at the same time. :)

viktor skurko says:

Жестокие человеки пинают ногами бедную кибернетинку. Общества защиты
роботов на них нет

Bluedrake42 says:


YouTube says:

Beep. Boop. Woof.

SoCloseToToast says:

All I’m thinking about is See Spot Run the movie haha

вячеслав кваст says:

А вот чем занимаются в это время “тупые америкашки”
А теперь представьте,что может сделать эта штука если на неё навесить

Krim Kram says:

When you fucking kick it at 0:28, it almost feels like some sort of
abuse… like animal abuse but Robot abuse…. ROBOTS HAVE FEELINGS TOO

Gavin Treadgold says:

And here comes the start of the next Cylon war. Queue “All along the

Nikki W says:

I find it slightly disturbing that it is supposed to be like a dog and
these people are kicking it…bothers me a little…and I know it shouldn’t
but it does lol 

Jesus Christ says:

In this comment section: people who have watched too much terminator, robot
cruelty activists, ukranians, and weird bible beaters. 

Lori Waters says:

*Robot Dogs Take Over!*

Not really sure what to make of these robot dogs? They kinda creep me out
but I guess it’d be a great idea to use these bots in place of actual
working dogs that are say deployed or working as rescue dogs and things.

What do you think?

roberto lorenzo says:


Leilani Munter says:

Fresh footage of our future robot dog overlords 

Uiharu Kazari says:

War has changed.

Ryoichi Imaizumi says:


Adith Radityo says:

#BostonDynamics ‘ robot doge is very casual, such adorable, and much wow.

Alan Hughes says:

Amazing restoration of balance

Edip Yuksel says:

“No robots were harmed in the making of this video”
A cunning and deceptive slogan in the end. Aimed to make us smile and duped
to think that the program is benevolent. But, the real purpose of this
technology is to be used in the service of the world hegemons, the
multinational corporations in their quest to total world domination. No
doubt about that. Of course, it will also be used in other sectors for some
good tasks; but you will see these dogs to suppress riots against the
injustices and tyranny.

Eclipse Automation Inc. says:

Meet Spot, a four-legged robot designed for indoor and outdoor operation by
Boston Dynamics. It is electrically powered and hydraulically actuated,
with a sensored head that helps it navigate and negotiate rough terrain.
What do you think of it? 

Andrea Casalotti says:


Jason Mull says:

See Skynet Spot run.

Yuriy Hlopko says:

Ребята из Bostion Dynamics (нам приятно, что с недавних пор эта компания
имеет непосредственное отношение к Google) представили своё новое творение.
Знакомьтесь, его зовут Спот.

#YouTube #Robots #BostonDynamics

Erik Hooijer says:

These things are getting better. Futures coming. Faster than you think.

Markie Au foto says:

robot dog勁呀喂!!!

Dima Nosenko says:

*Со временем роботы становятся все лучше и лучше.*
*Робот собака, которая может принять удар*

Rex Deaver says:

The biggest one still needs a gas engine, but the others are all running on
batteries. - просто продать, просто купить says:

Закомьтесь Spot

Очередной чудо-робот. Очень похожий на собаку.
Изобретение от Boston Dynamics – просто продать, просто купить

Jan Jirsák says:

The stabilization tech of Boston Dynamics’ new robot blows me away

David Pearce says:

Do organic robots have a long-term future?

margarete trinque says:

Beep. Boop. Woof.

Alex Maier says:

I totally cringed at that one scene (you’ll see). 

Matthias Delay says:

Wir beobachten Boston Dynamics, weil die Dinger jeden Tag gruseliger

Ricardo Cabello says:
olanty8 says:


Nico Lang says:

*Los, fang’ das Bällchen …*
Was sagt ihr, faszinierend oder irgendwie einfach nur spooky was die
Google-Tochter Boston Dynamics uns da präsentiert? Seht ihr eher die
Technik und die Leistung der Ingenieure oder bereiten euch solche Roboter
Unbehagen? Beides?

Paulette S. says:

OK is this dog as scary to you as it is to me? Comments? ? ?

Dustin Hudyma says:


Introducing Spot:

lao bei says:


Franklin Mendez says:

Introducing Spot:

#Future #Science

Marcus Björn Rydström says:

Have you tried riding one yet? ;)

Claude Poliakoff says:

Friends for the future

Lulu M says:

Dieu a créer les Quadrupèdes, l’homme a créer cela… Ingénieux mais inégal
à Dieu

FersXe M. says:

+mario cuevas :O

Rahul Ramachandran says:

Impressive performance

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