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Her: Love In The Modern Age

Her: Love In The Modern Age

Her: Love In The Modern Age, chronicling reactions to Spike Jonze’s Oscar-nominated film, Her. The documentary, directed by Lance Bangs, features stories and…



Rin zler says:

It’s sad, back in the day when the economy was less of a problem, people
would tend to meet more frequently in places. Now because the average
person as two jobs, or one job that is really demanding, there is very
little time for a social life and or people pretending to have one to show
face, like Facebook, Instagram and so forth.

So much competition and everyone is trying to keep their job.

Now we have internet, which is a good alternative to meeting someone, but
there are always pro and cons to what may seem to be a positive alternative.

For example:

I mentioned back in the day. Take a shy person, then they go with friends
to do social activities like bars, club and so on. Getting shot down, but
encouraged and supported by friends, then learning, building courage and
self confidence to talk to someone perhaps in a subway, or supermarket.
Learning important social skills needed to be successful in meeting someone.

I suppose you can also learn that trough internet, going through profiles,
but profiles do give you enough about who that person really is, so you
skip a person’s profile not knowing if that the person might actually be
right for you.

I believe in chance, I believe things work out when you least expect them,
but you have to do your part by being active.

Even though with internet sites you also take a chance, that fact that you
choose based on a profile superficially, u might miss out on a great

Better to take a chance in its raw form.

LongDic Nate says:

but in the movie the OS developers fucked up

Gnarles Barkley says:

i only love 2 things. my moms and my money. and ill kill you if you try and
jack my versace chain yo

iLiveForNirvana1992 says:

Love is a delusion. Chemicals in your brain that make you “feel” strongly
about another person. Love was developed by the human mind while we evolved
and became more intelligent to attract a mate and ultimately spread our
seed. As we became more intelligent, the female wouldn’t give herself up to
any alpha male as in the animal kingdom. The female wanted a male who would
take care of the offspring and provide food for years to come. So humans
developed this higher emotional level which demonstrated that the male
“cared” about the desired female partner so the female would accept the
males seed and feel secure that their offspring would be taken care of. The
male has achieved his goal of reproduction.

Harold Andres Vallejo Belalcazar says:

All the feels…

StationOfTerrapin says:

chris ryan is a smart guy i love tangentialy speaking

Tavita Tautua says:

This movie seems really fucking depressing to watch.

1989rbrown says:

It’s an ad for the movie, which is an ad for the phone he uses

Shane Ayres says:

Wow they people, are even close to know what love is.

AutisticWarriorFreeMasonBobbyKotick says:

Niggas talkin bout love like a buncha LA hipdudes, why dont you go watch
some Marching Penguins or something I DONT KNOW. morgan freeman

ebgdae eadgbe says:


Jeremy Abbett says:

*Love, a Four Letter Word*

What is love in the modern age? How does communication technology influence
our relationships? Are we closer to one another or further apart?

Thethingsaretricky says:

Watching this makes me feel terrible. I’ve never actually been in love!
I’ve had crushes on women but never did they feel the same, and never do I
have the courage needed to determine if they do or not. 

Juana Castrillón says:

Love in the modern age.

Loz Intransit says:

Great work by Lance Bangs. Having access to all these creative minds for
such a sensitive topic. Was great seeing all the perspectives

Dalton Tyler says:

Love is a mystery to me

Wabbaly says:

Director Spike Jonze completed his latest film, “her” in the fall of 2013
and began showing it to people.
Friend and collaborator, Lance Bangs, documented these reactions and
crafted a piece that explores relationships and love in our time.

jnorth says:

This shit was too middle class, white and hipster. Boring as hell. I could
listen to this shit at my local cafe

mrcrd3579 says:

9:52 – Christopher Ryan’s thoughts about monogamy – and I suppose the kind
of increasingly open and promiscuous way that relationships are often
becoming – make me think of the way that love/relationships (or whatever
you’d call it in this circumstance) operate in Brave New World.

That idea of everyone belonging to everybody seems so dehumanising to me.
It’s just really weird to think that one of the single most personal areas
of our existence could be made completely clinical.

It’s a terrifying thought, if we’re heading that way.

devika mohan says:

i feel really alone, n i need somebody, how do i find them?

Luís Pinto Leite says:

is that Joaquin Phoenix ?

TheSeraphim3 says:

That was a really long 16 minutes

sonam choedon says:

so true!!!!

Dominic Waters says:

I loved this movie. The best thing i have seen in about a year.

p3achFUZZ69 says:

LUL! “he also love me long time” 

facundo zapata says:

Repercuciones de HER, de Spike Jonze.

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