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2008 Paris: Lamborghini Estoque Concept Video

2008 Paris: Lamborghini Estoque Concept Video

Motor Trend technical director Frank Markus has the lowdown on the Lamborghini Estoque concept. Read the story here:…

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justin bouche says:

now the new lamborghini huracan looks almost identical to this…

Rick Mulhall says:

i was using the subaru as an example. besides, the ford lightning is an
awesome truck. i wouldnt drive a subaru if my life depended on it. by the
way, i could care less if i lost to a lightning because its more
performance than half of the performance cars out there.

Truth Monger says:

build it! then one day i can only dream to buy one. lol

sleepysoto420 says:

Beautiful. Lose the other two doors Lambo. Stick to your style.

adam648374692865 says:


Siniša Graso says:


limzhungyik says:

Bat Man Car LMAO Wow imagine to drive this and stop in front of my school
and pick me up that is Wonderful man!!

aaa says:

who needs a 4 dour lambo? so retarded if you can afford that, you can buy a
different vehicle for cruising around with friends

Mitch K says:

um, lamborghini has always been known for sports/exotic cars like the
gallardo and murcielago, why would they make a 4 door? it doesnt fit the
style at all.

V8Camaro22 says:

erm. i sure hope you mean the Lancia Evo Delta and not the Lancer Evo VIII
because the Lancer is Mitsubishi which is Japanese…

stop asking for my fucking name says:

im getting one next week, its gonna be sick!!!

Adrian Ramirez says:


sergelo01 says:

i think the head lights and the tail lights are orgasmic

Amsti Krk says:


dozerislife says:

yea but dodge and lamborghini r just a little different rnt they…just
saying u cant even get close comparing them

hawk7900 says:

Looks like a four door dodge charger…jus a lil more boxy and with a
lamborghini twist..the ferrari california is much better…

Eric Eng says:

that’s a sexy sedan.

jigahbooz says:

Whats the Price?

girl5259 says:

Exactly just driving around making everyone jealous just stunting
everywhere but it will be soooo sad that it get stolen

JasloMilwaukee says:

so is ur mother…

Jack Bolton says:

yes pllllllllease!!

Marcus Wong says:

This car rocks!!!! I am drooling already..

Lenny Leonardson says:

the rear turning lights look like dicks and balls

theblackhand2 says:

Ooooh! Nice.

xlyesterdaylx says:

that is pure sex

patrick5158 says:

My DREAM car!!! I aways wanted a rectangular kinda 4-door sports car… How
much is it??? In US please. Sing Dollar would be better.

maryJ says:

this thing is HEDIOUS!!! no elegance at all, what where those italians
theinking??? first the evo, now this, wats with the aggresivenss ruining
cars nowdays, leave it to the americans to make their crappy cars

Balboatiger says:


YOLOLONoHomo says:

now those kids will like it!

crizzo450 says:

@Johncarson9113 so they are putting it into production……Thats pretty

cristi tudor says:

it gave me shivers :O .. beautybeast

666NiKoLaS666 says:

wow, what is this world coming to?!? first a dodge charger family sedan,
now Lambourghini makes a family sedan?!? WHY GOD, WHY?!?

wldntknow says:

the engine is in the front wow for the first time yay go lamborghini

zloiser says:

looks like new Ferrari… :/

livardo says:

meh.. If I’m buying a Lambo, it has to look like an excessive ridiculously
exotic penis car.

Undergroundhiphoop says:

My dream is to once drive a lamborghini, im only 14 but very car intressted
*dont know if i spelled right* and this one had a very nice style and a v10
should be enough for atleast speed. awesome

ANGELO13111 says:

this was built to kick the 599’s ass and it did

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