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10 GIRL Trends That Guys HATE

10 GIRL Trends That Guys HATE

10 popular beauty and fashion trends that girls love, but guys… not so much! Subscribe: ————————————————————————————…

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stillnotsteph says:

i couldn’t care less what guys thought about what i wear lmao

Julian Perez says:

Is it weird that I’m a guy and I like high wasted pants?

Mitchell Sousa says:


isa says:

Tbh if I was a boy and I had a girlfriend who did one of these trends I
wouldn’t care cause even if was a bit too much she’s still the same person
I grew to fall in love with πŸ™‚

Link says:

Girl Version: “Guys hate all these trends, but you do you and rock them
Guy Version: “Girls hate all these trends so stop immediately they’re dumb”

How did American woman devolve to be this dumb?

Booper Dooper says:

Hey, if the girl loves it, she should wear it

Elliana P. says:

who cares?

Ky le says:

Lol girls in the comments complaining and saying they don’t dress for men
yet they watch the video

tomato ghost says:

Out of all these things i only wear high waisted jeans lmao

Ky le says:

Don’t forget shaving half your head. That seems to be getting more popular

Bailey says:

And I hate it when guys sag their fucking pants, but they won’t stop that,
will they

GRAW 19 says:

I acually like snow boots πŸ™‚

Elba Marquez says:

u know what I hate the boys wearing they’re pants *DOWN* to the bottom of
they’re butties.😠

Bo Collins says:

I hate the Hercules… sandal

iVSAChart says:

Guess what?

I’m actually tan.

Megan South says:

Do they have a video about guy trends that girls hate at all?

Rong Jin says:

I don’t wear any of these things WHERE DEM GUYS AT THO

Leslie Nope says:

Love the fact that all the people mad at this video took the time to click
on it or leave a comment πŸ˜‚

Sinda Wangberg says:

I will never give up my uggs. I love them. When it gets cold they are the
best thing to wear.

1-800-AESNX VED says:

I’m a girl. I hate those trends. Except high-waisted shorts πŸ˜‰ … Well,
not high-waisted PANTS..

Jennifer Been says:

Who cares if GUYS don’t like it??? If you like it, wear it

stefano paris says:

thing is, girls can wear whatever they want, they will still get the guy
attention. They don’t really need to try hard if they don’t want to. That
gives them a chance to experiment a lot with outfits, not having to care
too much about what guys think. Guys, on the other side, they’re often
desperate for girls and see clothes as something necessary instead that an
opportunity of showing their personality.

MaD SaM says:

I think high waisted pants is sexy like if you agree

Uma Gunnarsen says:

Hey girls lets use clothes that guys hates if we don’t want they get too

Chicken Party says:

I love it when girls where uggs

RednecksReadTo 22 says:

high waisted pants if worn right make your ass look great soooo

Evelyn grande says:

so your telling me i have to change my style just for a guy?!! HELL NO!!!

O n l y_A_ _E g g says:

so baisicly guys dosent like big,huge things πŸ‘Œ

LlamaLovely Kk says:

Ok ladies listen
YOU wear what you want and nobody can tell you not to because “guys hate
Guys shouldn’t care what you wear and to the assholes that gave the info
for this video, listen carefully… you CAN NOT and WILL NOT tell me or any
girl what to wear. I dont give a flying foot if you have the sharpest
jawline or bluest eyes. You men can wear a t shirt and jeans everyday of
the week and get away with it so if i were you i would be quiet because no
smart girl is going to fall in love with someone who thinks my comfy ass
uggs are “too bulky”. They arent complaining when were wearing 6 inch heels
(which are scientifically proven to cause long and short term damage to
GIRLS do not DO NOT change yourself for anyone. If you want to feel like a
damn amazon princess in your strappy ass shoes then you do that. If you
want to feel like j-lo in yo floppy ass hat. YOU DO THAT. A man should
never complain about a women’s apparel because that makes a woman who she
is. It reflects their personality and if you dont like my big ol sunglasses
you can delete yourself.
another thing…. why do people always rant about girls being sensitive and
not loving themselves when videos like this are being posted? Why cant I
just clothe myself without being ridiculed? So imma just stop here. Girls
just slay.

Olivia Pappas says:

Ok so I’m a girl and I have like four pairs of high waisted jeans, they are
totally comfortable. Me and my friends are straight and whenever we wear
high waisted jeans we always say our butts look really good. (Yes we know
we are really wired)The only reason high waisted jeans would ever look like
mom-jeans are when they are really loose. They only look good is when you
have tight ones!!! I don’t see many people that wear “mom jeans”

Guana.Guani.mahubi says:

Shit! I can wear a plastic bag if I want to that ain’t no body’s business.

Timmy Thy says:

Wtf high-wasted pants are sexy af, i get a boner everytime i see one, fk
this channel

Paige Renee Villa says:

girls don’t change for a guy, where whatcha want and like

Fury CSGO says:

Why the hell every comment is…. I can wear whatever I want I don’t wear
these for guys like who the hell told u not to its just something most guys

aloha allison says:

you shouldn’t care about what a guy thinks, wear/do what u want with ur

Strawberry Curry says:

I like high waisted pants :(…they show off my long legs.

Sher Official says:

The high waisted jeans should not be on the list

Anna VT says:


Mona Hamed says:

I’m a girl and I also don’t like all these trends especially high waisted

Zaga Zicticztizctr says:

Lol I’m guy and I like almost every thing on this list

rainbow candy says:

I wear to express not to impress duh

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